[ Landscape Design Services ]

0-100 Step by step


Phase 0
(Preliminary Design​)

In this step we will offer several creative concepts & schematic designs to client.


Phase I
(Final Design)

In this step we will develop selected concept based on clients’ amendments.


Phase II
(documentation )

In this step we will prepare drawings suitable for permit submittal or construction.


Implemention & Construction

In last step we will ensure Proper execution of design with technical supervision.

Redesign and reorganization of sidewalks, squares and city walls

Sidewalks are one of the components of outdoor spaces that may be located outside the building and inside an architectural site or in an urban space. Sidewalks are important not only as spaces where one can move freely and safely to reach the destination (performance and safety), but also as part of the outdoor environment in which we spend our time. And its design should be considered both in terms of technology (details and quality of materials), aesthetics and attention to human needs (environmental psychology). In designing urban paths, we pay attention to factors such as diversity, rhythm, repetition, unity, elimination of visual redundancies, and so on.

Design of landscapes & roofgardens

Green space design is now considered as a specialized design knowledge. In designing green spaces, factors such as recognizing plants and planting principles, proper use of different elements (such as water, plants, etc.), observing the proper accompaniment of artificial and natural elements (artificial elements such as pavilions, etc., and natural elements Such as water, stones, plants, etc.) are considered along with the observance of design principles. Different views and approaches in the design of green spaces today have created different styles such as (Iranian, Japanese, etc.), each of which has its own beauty and depending on the taste of the client, the expert opinion of the designer and the requirements of your project. (Such as land dimensions, land slope, etc.) can be done.

Design of signs and furniture

One of the most important influential elements in the appearance of outdoor environments such as the yard and the city is its furniture. Neglect of space and urban furniture causes the irregular presence of a set of elements without aesthetic values in an unpredictable way, which results in visual confusion and illegibility in the environment. An urban furniture designer, in addition to observing the principles of aesthetics and environmental graphics, also pays attention to the functionality of urban furniture and elements.

Design of entrances and urban monuments

Entrances & Monuments are large-scale urban elements that act as landmarks. Urban landmarks can act as a symbol while defining their atmosphere and context identity. On the other hand, they create a mental image of themselves that gives us a sense of belonging. Another use for landmarks is to play a role in addressing and routing. Accordingly, one of the most important points in the design of these large-scale urban elements is to pay attention to “identity and concept“, “symbolism” and “aesthetic and geometric composition“.

Design of statues and urban elements

Urban statues and elements are “small scale” elements. Elements and statues act as part of the landscape and surroundings. In addition to environmental beautification, statues and elements can also be used to convey a meaning or concept to the audience.

[ Our attitude and work style ]

Our Approach to Design

With the rapid growth of technology in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and the invasion of human life by artifacts, his peace of mind was gradually undermined. Today, the majority of people spend 80 to 90 percent of their time indoors. Artificial man-made environments that are generally not pleasant fo nature of human. One of the design approaches in Arano Studio is to combine and introduce natural elements (such as natural light, greenery, water and natural materials) as well as the use of natural ventilation systems and vision in the design. Arano tries to pay special attention to nature-loving and human-centered design, while presenting a modern style in line with the technology and requirements of today’s life.

[ Functional categories ]

Design spaces with a variety of functions

Design of residential complexes

Apartment design

Villa design

Design of one or two storey houses

Penthouse design

Suite design

Low area house design (design in minimal space)

Hotel design (lobby design, room design, etc.)

Motel design

Inn design

Design a nursing home

Sanatorium design

School design

Kindergarten design

Conservatory design

School design

Design of a scientific research center

Design of Innovation Center and Science and Technology Center

library design

Design of research center

Design of the cultural center

Exhibition and gallery design

Office design

Bank design

Law Office Design

headquarteroffice design

Stock brokerage design

Restaurant design

Coffee shop design

Fast food design

Traditional restaurant design

Chinese, Indian, Arabic restaurant design

Vegetarian restaurant design

Nuts store design

Confectionery design

Dining hall design

Clothing store design

Bag and shoe store design

Jewelry store design

Clock store design

Bridal mezon design

Glasses store design

Retail design

Shopping center design

Bookstore design

Cosmetics store design

Furniture store design

Carpet and rug store design

Computer hardware store design

Design of audio and video equipment store

Design of construction supplies store

Travel agency design

Hairdressing design

Men’s hairdressing design (barber shop)

Beauty salon design

Design of massage therapy center

Hospital design

Clinic design

Rehabilitation center design

Pharmacy design

Health center design

Dental design

Ophthalmic design

Psychiatric design

Radiology design

Laboratory design

Physiotherapy design

Chemotherapy center design

Designing a counseling center

Veterinary design

Hosseinieh design

Mosque design

Chapel design

Design of church, synagogue, temple

Production line design

Design of the shed

Workshop design

Factory design

Repair shop design

Parking design

Sports club design

Gym design

Design of billiards and snooker clubs

Gamenet design

Squash hall design

Design of pool, sauna and Jacuzzi

Spa design

Theater design

Cinema design

Music hall design

Concert hall design

Amphitheater design

Pavilion design

Museum design

Installation design

Temporary structure design

Renovation of an old or heritage building

Fire station design